How Often Should You Have Your UV Lights Inspected and Serviced?

As UV lights work, they gradually lose their effectiveness as a germicidal agent by around 15 percent each year. After three years, the system will not be able to generate enough UV-C light to neutralize the growth of bacteria and mold. Not only does running a UV lamp for more than three years waste energy, but the ballast and bulb can also overheat and eventually fail. It may seem like a waste to change a light before it “goes out”.

However, after the first year, UV lights start to lose their germicidal efficacy. If they aren't changed regularly, the mold and mildew you were preventing may start to form inside the ducts. If you wait too long to change the light, you'll have to clean the ducts, since UV air purifiers can't remove the mold that's already present. In addition, the excessive energy consumed by an aging UV lamp could cause the power supply to overheat. Most brands have a 9000-hour warranty, which is equivalent to approximately 1 year, so it is enough to change the bulb once a year.

Unlike traditional UV disinfection systems that operate 24 hours a day, the new automated systems emit UV light depending on the use of the air conditioning systems. Like a regular bulb, UV lights have a limited lifespan, so they need to be changed regularly. For more information on UV lights and other clean air solutions for your home, contact Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning. For most UV disinfection systems, adhering to an annual replacement program will ensure that ultraviolet lights continue to keep indoor air in the house healthy. Microorganisms found in water are exposed to UV light when they pass through these special UV germicidal lamps.UV Superstore recommends replacing o-rings annually as UV light can degrade the o-ring material.

With the impending arrival of coronavirus, many residential and commercial customers are installing UV lights in their current systems. The lamps may still shine after 12,000 hours; however, they will not produce enough UVC light emission for adequate UV dosing. Generally speaking, a UV germicidal light used to disinfect indoor air must be replaced every 9000 hours. By preventing mold and bacteria from accumulating in the humid components of the air conditioning, UV lights can also prevent biological contaminants in the air from circulating through the indoor air of your Orlando home. If you can't replace the UV lamp after two years have passed, turn it off or unplug the power supply until you change it.

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