The Benefits of Installing HVAC UV Lights for a Healthy Home

Direct exposure to UV-C rays used in air conditioning systems can be dangerous, particularly for the skin and eyes. Eye damage can be considerable and sometimes permanent, so it is essential that it be handled and installed with care by a qualified technician. Studies on UV lights in air conditioning systems have also yielded significant results. One study found that UV lights could reduce the amount of mold and bacteria in a test home by 97%.

Another study showed that air purifiers with UV light could reduce the amount of airborne flu virus by 90%. Ultraviolet (UV) HVAC lights are an effective way to remove potentially harmful compounds, such as mold and bacteria, from the home's air. A complete UV light unit is connected directly to the air ducts to disinfect the air entering the machine. By installing UV lights in your air conditioning system, you can limit or prevent disease transmission in your home.

HVAC UV lights have many advantages, from reducing allergies and energy costs to preventing common air conditioner damage. These lights sterilize viruses and bacteria before they can return to your home, helping to reduce airborne germs that can infect healthy family members or people with weaker immune systems. Spiral sterilization is the most common type of UV light for HVAC systems because it is less expensive than air sterilization and has similar efficacy. As less mold and mildew circulates through the air conditioning system thanks to a UV light unit, drain pipes are also less likely to clog up, one of the most common air conditioning problems.

If factors like these cause allergies, there are other air conditioning system upgrades you can do to feel better, such as installing an air purifier. UV light doesn't immediately kill organisms, but it renders them unable to produce the proteins they need to survive and reproduce. For example, it is recommended to replace a Carrier Coil UV lamp every 9000 operating hours or every year. If you are concerned about the dangers of working with UV lights, contact an air conditioning company for maintenance.

Researchers know that the virus travels in the form of water particles suspended in the air, so only UV lights installed in the ducts that treat the air that passes through them could be useful. In fact, Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903 for his work on the use of UV radiation to cure skin infections. In addition to making breathing easier, UV lights help air conditioning units operate more efficiently and are less easily damaged. Among the most common household volatile organic compounds that neutralize HVAC UV light systems are paints, solvents, sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, repellents, and air fresheners.

Since you spend up to 90% of your time indoors, it's important to consider the impact that pollutants can have on your long-term health and how installing HVAC UV lights can help your air conditioning system. Installing a UV climate system in the condensing unit (indoor) provides a cost-effective method for cleaning the air in the house as it passes through the system.

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